About me

Hilliker-BenScheeleI am an applied ecologist working in conservation and landscape ecology at the Australian National University. My field research focuses on investigating how and why species, and populations within species, exhibit variable responses to emerging threats. I emphasize testing and refining ecological theory, while also working closely with conservation practitioners to inform management. I use insights generated from empirical research to identify mechanisms underpinning species declines and to develop macroecological theory regarding species decline.

I have a strong focus on amphibian ecology, and in particular, the impacts of the devastating disease, chytridiomycosis, on the world’s amphibians. My research in this area is aligned with informing the development of effective management strategies to prevent population declines and species extinctions.

I also lead synthesis research on threatened species monitoring and management in Australia. This work focuses on quantifying how much monitoring is done, uncovering key challenges inhibiting effective management, as well as identifying ways to improve monitoring and management.

Where needed, I use a mix of population and landscape ecology to better understand patterns of threat distribution and species decline. I also use landscape ecology approaches to investigate factors shaping the occurrence of wildlife in human-modified landscapes and have conduct research in farmland regions in south-eastern Australia, and have worked in the traditional rural landscapes of Transylvania, Romania.ben field 2

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